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Someone wants Brant Bellamy scared—or dead.

“Find him and make it right.” His mother’s last words become Wyoming rancher Brant Bellamy’s singular goal. On the heels of his mother’s tragic and suspicious death, he sends his kids to their mom in Chicago and heads to the Oregon Coast to find a drifter who worked on the Bellamy Ranch forty years ago.

Meeting a woman like Aubrey Chartrand wasn’t part of his plan.

After years of taking care of her elderly aunt, bartender Aubrey Chartrand plans to ride her new Harley-Davidson out of Angel Beach, Oregon, and may never return. Meeting Brant Bellamy has her reconsidering the decision. He’s sexy, chivalrous, and unlike anyone she’s met before.

But three kids and a cattle ranch aren’t part of her plan.

They are drawn together when both seem to be targeted by a stalker who showed up in town at the same time as Brant. Is it a coincidence, or has the murderer come to Angel Beach to finish what he started?


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It's his last trip home, one way or another.
When investigative journalist Jace Colton discovered the truth behind a dark net crime organization, those close to him paid the ultimate price. Further threats forced him to disappear. Five years later, he returns to Angel Beach, Oregon, his hometown, to salvage the life his pursuers destroyed. But he may not have returned alone.

Another failed relationship convinces bakery manager Samantha Dylan she's done with project men, and the last thing she needs is someone like Jace Colton twisting her heart into knots. He has secrets, and she knows he might leave. The last thing Samantha needs is what she wants most.

Jace is walking a tightrope and everything feels off-kilter. His past demands a showdown, and now Samantha is in danger too. Will they survive the fight?

Book 3 in the Caught Series


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Book 2 in the Caught Series

When Tallie Peters lands the job of assistant to Nashville’s premier music manager, she’s sure things are finally looking up for her and her son. Meeting gorgeous former bull rider Tom Black confirms it. But Tallie’s new life dives into a chaotic spiral with the premature release of her brutal ex-husband from prison. He wants his son and will stop at nothing to take him from Tallie. Tom offers Tallie and her son refuge behind the gates of the Masterson-Black ranch, but he soon finds that the best security measures are no match for a determined ex-con with nothing to lose.

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Book 1 in the Caught Series

Only a city girl would think her secret safe in a small town.
When bakery owner Harlie Cates escaped her abusive husband in Seattle she thought Angel Beach, Oregon was the perfect hiding place. Then Clay Masterson moved in next door. She isn’t looking for love. She doesn’t even date. And she doesn’t want a country music superstar tossing her into his spotlight. So, why can’t she stay away from him?

Clay Masterson isn’t in town for the chowder. He’s searching for his supposedly dead father, who was accused of murder in Montana, and the grapevine says he’ll find him near Angel Beach. If Clay finds him, he’ll thank him for being an exemplary father for the ten minutes he spent at it, and alert the authorities. Harlie offers to help, believing Clay’s motivation is love, not vengeance.

But Clay isn’t the only one searching for his father. Someone knows about the murder and knows Harlie’s secret too. He plans to clean up these problems, once and for all. Two, or maybe three, birds with one stone.


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  While faced with the challenge of his mother’s escalating Alzheimer’s disease, Logan McKinnon discovers secret journals that leave him questioning everything he knows about his family. With no one to ask, Logan must find a man mentioned in the journals to discover a truth he may not want to know.


Paperback available at Amazon and Inklings Bookshop in Yakima, Wa.

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